How to Successfully Incorporate Photographs and Images into a Non-Fiction Book

Images often play an important part in non-fiction writing. As well as helping to clarify ideas, add interest, and break up the monotony of endless text, they also infuse diversity and creative energy into non-fiction work. However, identifying high-quality images in order to illustrate a non-fiction book can be a more challenging task than firstContinue reading “How to Successfully Incorporate Photographs and Images into a Non-Fiction Book”

Pugmill Press Announcement: Hidden Gem Prize Winners

The Pugmill Press Hidden Gem Prizes for 2022 is now complete and we are delighted announce the winners. After some careful (and heated) discussion here at Pugmill Press, with many high-quality proposals to consider, it has been much harder than we ever expected to choose the final winners in both categories. We understand that submittingContinue reading “Pugmill Press Announcement: Hidden Gem Prize Winners”

Behind the Scenes: What We Look for in a Submission

At Pugmill Press, we value out-of-the-box thinking. Unlike other non-fiction publishers, we aren’t afraid to take risks; to explore previously untapped subjects, taking the reader into unchartered territory, to investigate new perspectives. It is harder than it seems to think of an original way to reach people: whether through style, subject matter, or knowledge, orContinue reading “Behind the Scenes: What We Look for in a Submission”

Author Event Update: Tune in to BBC Radio Scotland Out of Doors to hear Dr Moses Jenkins talking to Mark Stephens

We are delighted to announce that the author of Scotland’s Tall Chimneys, Dr Moses Jenkins, was invited to speak to Mark Stephens on the well-known, popular BBC Radio Scotland show Out of Doors. From the site of Cox’s Stack, Dundee, one of the few remaining tall chimneys still standing in Scotland today, Dr Jenkins metContinue reading “Author Event Update: Tune in to BBC Radio Scotland Out of Doors to hear Dr Moses Jenkins talking to Mark Stephens”

What Constitutes a Fair Share for Authors?

It is entirely reasonable that an author should expect to be paid fairly for their work. One of the most contentious issues in book publishing is centred around the issue of fair payment: what percentage of money made from a book should an author expect to receive? A Question of Percentages It goes without sayingContinue reading “What Constitutes a Fair Share for Authors?”

Where to Stock a Non-Fiction Book

Stocking a non-fiction book requires careful thought. As each book is unique and can focus on specialist subjects, the best places to sell that book can vary widely. Where a non-fiction book is sold largely depends on 2 things: its subject and its level (whether it is written for academics, professionals, or the general public).Continue reading “Where to Stock a Non-Fiction Book”

Ways to Promote a Non-Fiction Book

Promoting your non-fiction book can seem like a daunting task. At Pugmill Press, we take the promotion of each of our books very seriously. After all, it benefits both writer and publisher to make the book as successful as possible. So, how do you go about doing this? Here are 3 starting points to thinkContinue reading “Ways to Promote a Non-Fiction Book”

How to Choose a Non-Fiction Publisher

You’ve finally completed your non-fiction book. Congratulations! Now for the big decision: which publisher do I send my work to? This article explores 3 key things which you might want to consider when submitting your book to a publisher. Quality It is important to know how your printed book will look and feel; whether it’sContinue reading “How to Choose a Non-Fiction Publisher”