Author Event Update: Tune in to BBC Radio Scotland Out of Doors to hear Dr Moses Jenkins talking to Mark Stephens

We are delighted to announce that the author of Scotland’s Tall Chimneys, Dr Moses Jenkins, was invited to speak to Mark Stephens on the well-known, popular BBC Radio Scotland show Out of Doors.

From the site of Cox’s Stack, Dundee, one of the few remaining tall chimneys still standing in Scotland today, Dr Jenkins met with Mark Stephens and delivered a wonderful, insightful account of this historic landmark.

You can listen to the podcast, which is available for one month, by clicking here.

Dr Jenkins has also written fantastic articles for History Scotland magazine and Scottish Islands Explorer, which can be accessed by clicking on the links. He has also delivered an online talk for History Scotland.

The Pugmill Press team certainly enjoyed listening to the podcast – well done, Dr Jenkins! We wish you even more success in the future!

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