Where to Stock a Non-Fiction Book

Stocking a non-fiction book requires careful thought. As each book is unique and can focus on specialist subjects, the best places to sell that book can vary widely. Where a non-fiction book is sold largely depends on 2 things: its subject and its level (whether it is written for academics, professionals, or the general public). Keeping this in mind, let’s look at a few options for stocking your non-fiction book.

Independent Bookshops

Independent bookshops are ideal for stocking books on specialist subjects. If your non-fiction book is written on a niche topic, then an independent bookshop may be a good option. Not only is there more flexibility, but there is also the potential to have your book in a good position in terms of display and marketing. However, since there can be limited shelf space, independent bookshops are generally picky about what they choose to stock. Trying to establish a connection before you are published might be a good idea.

Gift Shops at Sites Related to the Subject

This is an excellent way to sell your non-fiction book. Oftentimes, gift shops at various locations are keen to sell informative books which are related to the venue that they serve. This is of particular significance with the tourist industry. For example, a book which discusses industrial heritage may be of interest to museums which explore this subject.

Online Retailers

From specialist online retailers to Waterstones, the online world offers a wealth of opportunities for selling books. However, it can be difficult to get your book noticed when there are millions of titles. One strategy to overcome this obstacle is to have your non-fiction book listed through a specialist website.

There are many other options for stocking your non-fiction book. Understanding the market that you are writing for and establishing connections can be useful when it comes to making this important decision. The publisher you choose should be able to help and will have a suitable plan in place for stocking your book. At Pugmill Press, we have established links to all the above and will work with you to find stockists.

Pugmill Press is currently open to submissions.

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